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84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment News
Purging of inactive members

Comments 2 By USA 84th Roadkill in 84th Regiment on Wednesday 30 May @ 18:23

Soon I will be clearing the roster of members who do not attend trainings or participate with anything.


Comments 0 By Wales 84th Dilwyn in 84th Regiment on Friday 25 May @ 21:04

Changes have been made, check the forum for things you need to do, there is a new 'training' section which you need to look at, also you need to change your names (details in forum). Attendance to training and line battles is now also being looked at, those who show up will be rewarded, those who don't will be demerited and if continuously not attending, demoted. So make an effort and it will be recognised Smile

New page: Videos

Comments 0 By Sweden 84th Hector in 84th Regiment on Tuesday 22 May @ 17:20

I've added a new page: Videos
I will put all the videos the regiment makes and have made there.
Check it out Smile!

Training times

Comments 0 By Sweden 84th Hector in 84th Regiment on Monday 21 May @ 16:26

I will now open a thread under forum - General Discussion. There you can write down your possible training times. More information in the thread!


Comments 0 By Sweden Wallace in 84th Regiment on Monday 07 May @ 20:19

The 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot was a regiment in the British Army. In 1881 it was amalgamated with the 65th Regiment of Foot to create the York and Lancaster Regiment, with the 84th becoming the 2nd Battalion.
The regiment was raised on 2 November 1793 by Lt.Col.George Bernard, and was the third regiment to be ranked as the 84th Regiment of Foot. The 1st Battalion of the 84th Foot served in the ill-fated First Walcheren Expedition of 1794. It moved to the Cape of Good Hope in 1796 and India in 1799.
A 2nd Battalion was raised and sent to the second Walcheren Campaign in 1809. The battalion then served in the Peninsular War from 1812 to 1814 during which the regiment gained its first medals. The Army Gold Medals were awarded to Lt.Col.R.Lloyd and Maj.J.Tonson. The 2nd Bn, 84th Foot fought its first action of the war in late 1813 at the Battle of the Bidassoa (or Vera). They then went on to fight at Nivelle in November and Bayonne (or Nive) in December where Wellington's force, despite being outnumbered by Marshal Soult's army, defeated Soult. The 2nd Battalion returned to Britain where it was absorbed by the 1st Battalion in 1819.

The 84th Foot had six Victoria Crosses awarded to men serving in its ranks


Comments 0 By Sweden Wallace in 84th Regiment on Monday 07 May @ 11:18

Welcome back brave soldiers of the 84th!

We are back up now again, the new game Napoleonic Wars made us start the regiment again. You will keep the ranks you had before, and we will of course promote you on a training, or when you have recruited specific amounts of people.